Friday, April 3, 2015

What Is Sojong Practice Today

A Sojong Practice on April 03, 2015

What is " Sojong" meaning ? And how it's working and does it relevant to my practices?

According to the Tibetan calendar, today is the 14th day of the lunar month and it is a day that the Vajrayana and Mahayana will observe and practice the Sojong for spiritual growth and purification.

Sojong and its definition (Practice of Confession) by the second Buddha of Oddiyana.
"So" means to replenish, virtue and purify.
"Jong" means harmful deeds as the Tathagata has taught the practice of Sojong. 

Sojong is the Tibetan language and it's also known as the 八關齋戒 or the Eight precepts by the Mahayana practitioners. 

The observance of the Eight Precepts or Sojong Practices:-
1-To refrain from killing.
2-To refrain from stealing.
3-To refrain from sexual misconduct.
4-To refrain from lying and intoxication.
5-To refrain from taking a high or luxurious seat.
6-To refrain from singing and dancing.
7-To refrain from wearing ornaments.
8-To refrain from eating after midday.

I hope with this posting will help us all have a pleasant and meaningful day of the observance of the Sojong practices.

Thank you for reading my blog, may you find peace and joyfulness. With your reading it helps to spread the Dharma knowledge and as well, turning the Dharma wheels to the world. 

Dedication of merits
May those who read and sharing of this blog's information be peaceful and joyful. May the Buddha Dharma be flourished and the merits will be dedicated to the sentient beings.

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