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The Formidable Symbol of Tibet - Kalachakra

Kalachakra symbol is a very common yet one of the most formidable symbol of protection from Tibet. Kalachakra is literally means "The Wheel of Time"  The Kalachakra symbol of Vajrayana Buddhism is comprehensive and complex. Kalachakra symbol is also referred to as the " Symbol of the Tenfold Powerful Ones”. 

Hence, it is named because it consists of 10 distinct parts. This ancient sacred symbol is made up of a mantra of 7 syllables surrounded by a ring of fire. Above and to the right and left of this potent mantra are 3 additional symbols, hence, totaling 10 parts of the design.
The seed syllable of the Kalachakra Heruka, the powerful mantra for peace and reducing suffering by calming negativity and conflict. It consists of seven individual syllables intertwined and crowned by symbols of the moon , the sun, and the flame, making a total of ten very powerful elements within the image. 

These seven symbols, along with the moon, the sun, and a flame make up the ten-fold powerful symbol, which is one of the most well-known Buddhist symbols.

The Tenfold Powerful Symbols are described as ten existences - body, awareness, space, wind, fire, water, earth, stable, moving, and the gods unseen and uncreated.
This ancient symbol of the "Tenfold Powerful mighty ones" has occupied a central place in Tantra Buddhism for more than a thousand of years and has become a symbol of good fortune and protection. 

Kalachakra tantra that is chanted in an effort to purify the mind and body. This powerful and efficient tantra is all about time, such as: the cycle of our own breath, the cycles of the planets and the various cycles in our bodies and lives.
The Kalachakra Symbol has been very often to be hanging onto your home or above the main door so that hostile and negative energies are barred from entering your home. Thus, it has become a powerful emblem of good fortune, protection against evil spirits and untimely death. 

Kalachakra Symbol is an ultra strong antidote for removing and purifying evil forces and negative energies. It is often used as a cure for difficult situations when other cures become helpless, in situations that may possibly carry misfortunes, disasters and accidents if not properly remedied. 
It is also a potent cure against visible and invisible harmful Chi or negative energies such as poison arrows and annual afflictions.
According to the Chinese Metaphysics or Fengshui beliefs, the Kalachakra formidable symbols uses the principle of 5 elements, combined with sacred symbols that invoke cosmic powers, in a simple, practical and effective manner to create big changes in energy without the need to remodel your home. It is like a few ounces of positive energy to deflect a thousand pounds of negative forces.

Thank you for reading, may you find peace and great bliss. With your support it helps to spread the Buddha’s precious teachings and turning the Dharma wheels in the world.

Aspiration For Bodhichitta
For those in whom the precious Bodhichitta has not arisen
May it arise and not decrease
But increase further and further.

Dedication of Merit
By this merit may we obtain omniscience then.
Having defeated the enemies wrong-doings.
May we liberate migrators from the ocean of existence.
With its stormy waves of birth, old age, sickness and death.

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